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What kind of terminal blocks are generally used in PCB terminal?

Publisher:Lei Xin special term    Release time:2015-06-23    Read:91times

Do you say that the type is to be divided according to the material or the pattern to the point? If the material points, should be more than the copper wiring terminal, according to the style to the words, it should be the plug type connection terminal and the spring type terminal more.

Spring type wiring terminal is using spring device of new type wiring terminal, has been widely used in the industry of electrical and Electronics Engineering: lighting, elevator control, instrumentation, power, chemicals and auto power. Spring type series connection terminal metal parts are spring device design, plastic body are used PA66 insulation material. Spring type series connection terminal is easy to operate, free maintenance and have air tight contact device system, that is, the durability and reliability and cost-effective.

Plug type series connection terminal PTB by the two part of the plug connection, a part of the wire clamp, and then insert the other part, this part is welded to the PCB board. This is the bottom of the mechanical principle, this anti vibration design to ensure that the product is a long time and the reliability of the use of the product. Both ends of the socket can be installed with ear and assemble the ear in a large extent can protect tab and can prevent the splicing arrangement position of the poor, and the design of the socket can ensure socket can be correctly inserted into the matrix. The socket can also be fitted with a buckle and a locking buckle. The assembly button can be more firmly fixed to the PCB plate, the lock button can be locked in the mother and socket after the installation is complete. All kinds of socket design can be paired with different mother's insertion method, such as: horizontal, vertical or inclined to the printed circuit board, etc., can be selected according to customer's requirements in different ways. You can select a metric gauge can also choose the standard gauge.

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